SmartCity: no information, no integration


I´ve been tempted to title this post as “no information no satisfaction”… deary me, but that’s the truth. Every time we deal with a municipal service integration onto our smart city platform the issue is whether the information is available in a “suitable” way so it becomes an automatic process after the integration. Well, that happens less often than we would wish. Imagine you end up integrating information onto your smart city platform coming from a static spreadsheet file. That will always depend on someone filling in that file. A manual process!, not good. By “suitable” I mean a multi session SQL DataBase accessible remotely or similar piece of information system.

Well, this happens a lot, and it becomes critical when politicians set a smart city challenge and there’s not even information to measure it (neither automatic nor manual). The Smart City team has little to work with then… and then everyone gets frustrated, politicians do not have “results” so to speak, the municipal service itself doesn´t really know what to do to fulfill the politicians  need and the smart city team gets frustrated as there´s no way to satisfy anybody. Therefore, no information,  no satisfaction… and a lot of frustration, I would add…

When setting a smart city goal (a city goal/challenge), before, it needs to be measurable. Business or administrative processes need to be settled down first, so for that particular goal/challenge information exists and from there on a smart city platform can do its magic (i.e. calculate a KPI and draw a nice dashboard with it, insert the information in hadoop (BigData) or publish it in the Open Data Portal.

A common example these days, of economic crisis, are “social goals”. Almost any Spanish local government wants to measure social KPIs and establish goals and thresholds and alarms … using the Smart City platform. Laudable but unfeasible in case we can´t access the “in-for-ma-ti- on”.

Well, hope this little recommendation helps you, smart city integrator. Keep it in mind before your integration meeting!




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